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Hello backers! We hope you're well. Hopefully you've had a chance to play Horrible Haikus with friends, family, strangers, or all three! We'd love to hear from you. What do you like? What horrible creations have you discovered? Do you like celery? Feel free to reply to us by commenting on this post, emailing us directly at, or by reviewing us on Board Game Geek. Link below...

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First and foremost, thanks to all of you who came out for the launch party last night.  It was a great turnout and so much fun seeing everyone enjoying the game.  We really appreciate your support and thank you for all the compliments.  You were having so much fun that it drew in a bunch of strangers who played and purchased the game on site.  And a huge thank you to MacLeod Ale for letting us host our launch party at their fantastic brewery.  

And for more good news, games have shipped!!!  Most United States residents should be receiving their games this week, as early as Tuesday.  For our International backers delivery will take a bit longer but your games are on the way.  Depending on your country, delivery time should be in the next week or two.

Also, we still have about a dozen backers that haven't given us their shipping info.  Please get us your info so we can get you your games and other rewards.  We want you to play the game. 

As the game begins to arrive and you start playing, we would love to see photos and videos of you and your friends enjoying the game.  Please feel free to tag us #horriblehaikus or find us on instagram or twitter @horriblehaikus_

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We've been glued to our telephones and email machines for the last few days and we finally got the news we had been waiting for:   Backstreets Back... alright.  We also got news that the games have been moved to the distributor and released for pick up.  So, we are heading down tomorrow to grab the games and start the shipping process.  We'll be trying to figure out how Instagram stories work to document the process and we will be listening exclusively to Phil Collins.  Follow the journey on the Instagram wizard if you'd like:

@horriblehaikus_    @officialphilcollins

For those of you in the Los Angeles area, we have officially designated our launch party for this Saturday, February the 9th from 6pm - 10pm at:

MacLeod Ale Brewing Company, 14741 Calvert Street, Van Nuys, CA 91411

This is a great brewery where much of the planning for the game originated, and we would be thrilled to have you join us there to get first access to our game, and their delicious beer.  If you plan on attending, please let us know as you will be able to pick up your game(s) and rewards.  If you are picking up in person, we (575 Games) will be happy to buy you your first pint!  Seriously... show up and we buy you a beer.

Thank you all so much for your patience.  Apparently boats move pretty slow and oceans are pretty big.  The updates will be coming fast and hot now, like a weasel on a waffle iron.  But in all seriousness and mushiness, thank you all so much.  There is absolutely no way we could have done this without all of you, and we are eternally grateful for your generosity in helping us create this masterpiece of table top gaming.  We have big plans for the upcoming year and we hope you all join us for the ride!

And finally, if you know anyone that missed the kickstarter, but might love the game, it is now available for sale at:

It will also soon be available on Amazon and other mega stores destroying the fabric of America.

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