Horrible Haikus is the creation of 575 Games, with both the game and the company being created by David Mickler and Brad Fletcher.  Horrible Haikus was originally launched through a Kickstarter campaign in 2018 where it smashed its funding goals and gave birth to the greatest game humanity has ever known (according to that one drunk guy in the second test group).

In addition to the Horrible Haikus game, a book of poetry was also released featuring some of the haikus as they were originally written before being deconstructed for the game.  These books have brought joy to many, but shame to our families. 


575 Games plans to launch expansion packs for the current version of the game as well as a more family friendly version in the not too distant future.  We are also currently developing several new games for both adults and families.  We look forward to rolling out these games into the 575 Games universe soon.




We stared deep into the solar eclipse in August 2017. Everyone had warned us not to, but in our search for a hot new card game for adults we defied NASA and did what had to be done. And in our blindness we created Horrible Haikus. 

Then, after months of writing, designing, and editing we discovered some interesting stuff... mostly that we had just created a game that would make our parents very disappointed in us.  We decided to scientifically analyze what we had just created and we learned quite a bit.  As the graph below illustrates, this game apparently sees high frequencies of F-bombs, but much lower frequencies of Crap, deuce and other bathroom stuff.


But we knew we needed to dig deeper to really understand what type of game we had on our hands.  So we looked at some of our word usage rates.  We discovered we have a very high "butt" to "weiner" ratio.  This finding did not surprise us.  And it shouldn't surprise you.

 In our final graph we decided to look at some topics you may encounter.  All your favorites are here, from "boner" to "wallet".  If you haven't taken notice yet, we called this HORRIBLE Haikus for a reason.

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