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The Game Has Arrived!

We're in the final phase! The game has arrived in Los Angeles and is currently at the port. We're waiting on the final inspection at US customs and the game will then be sent to the distribution facility where we will be picking it up right away. Based on information from our service agent, barring any serious unexpected holdups, we expect to have the games in hand and shipped out this coming week.

For anyone in the Los Angeles area, we'll be throwing a launch party at MacLeod Ale in Van Nuys as early as next weekend. You'll have the opportunity to pick up your games if you'd like, play it for the first time, and enjoy some delicious beer.  More on that to come!

As always, thanks for your continued patience and support.  We are so excited to finally get these games out to everyone and have you enjoy the poetic insanity that is Horrible Haikus.  We will have another update the day we pick up the games!


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